25 Cincinnati Business Leaders Visit the White House

On Friday, March 30th, 25 of Cincinnati’s top business professionals are visiting the White House to speak with senior administration officials on Friday with Mayor Mark Mallory. It is an honor that the group of Cincinnatians includes a Bad Girl Venture’s Graduate, Heather Curless of Greener Stock! While in Washington, the group will be giving their input about job creation, workforce development, manufacturing, access to capital, and the economy as a whole, among other topics. Being among the cities chosen, Cincinnati is fortunate to be invited to participate, both in receiving and giving information to the White House.

We would like to know your opinions about the White House visit that is occurring tomorrow. Take a look at the article in the Business Courier and tell us your reaction!

Is this invitation steering America’s economy in the right direction for job stimulation?

Do you see this as an opportunity to tell the White House what real business owners are concerned about?

Do you think the administration will listen what these business owners are asking for to grow in this economic environment?

Given the topics they are going to discuss, what would you want to ask?

You can submit your answers and questions by replying below. Our goal is to provide some answers upon their return!


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